AHH Living a professional and friendly provider.

AHH Lifeskills offers you a personal plan management solution to maximise your choice and control over your NDIS and supports.

More choice

One of the key advantages of using our plan management service is the ability to use providers that have not registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Stress Free

We manage all you supplier payments and communication. No more waiting on hold to government call centres, simply call us direct. Invoices are processed efficiently and paid on time so your support is continued.


We keep you in control by providing reports on your plan progress so that your funds are not exhausted. We genuinely know you and your story and handle all the paperwork. We notify you of every invoice we process so you stay informed.

No Cost!

Our service fees are paid by the NDIS – they do not come out of your support budget. There is no cost to you!

We Deliver:

  • Weekend excursions (Social and Community Participation)
  • Mentoring (Capacity Building)
  • Termly excursions (Capacity building or social and Community)
  • Therapies
  • Supported Independent Living
  • School Leaver Employment

Contact Us Today!

Call AHH on 0429323221 or email: ahhlifeskills@gmail.com

Call AHH Living on 0429323221 or email : ahhliving@gmail.com