Supported Independent Living (SIL)

What is SIL?

Under NDIS you receive funding

1) Housing –physical place where you live

2) Support services– staffing and support workers assist you.

Ahhliving provides support services and staff to help you. This is called Supported Independent Living (SIL)

How does it work?

The accommodation where you choose to live is up to you. Housing SA might provide accommodation or private landlords.

Or Ahhliving can find the property and suburb you require. We can also match you to suitable housemates.

Ahhliving then provides quality-experienced staff to support your daily life. The level of care is determined by needs of the individual.

Ahhliving then supports the social life of clients through our 18+ group activities with termly holidays and weekend breaks.

Ahhliving then supports employment through our SLE (school leaver employment)

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Please fill in the your details and a AHH representative will be in touch shortly. If you wish you can call 0429 323 221 or email us at to request some further details. 

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